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Lewis Wienerkur


Member of Team #AVIDSTRONG

Team Raised: $35,283

Marathons, triathlons, biking events, have nothing on what I am doing on Sunday, May 19, 2019. I will run, climb, jump, crawl and muscle my way through the OHEL Xtreme Challenge Classic 5- or 1.5-mile obstacle course at Camp Kaylie. I will be challenging my body & testing my limits in support of children and adults with disabilities, foster children, children in OHEL's 3 domestic violence shelters, and the elderly. These individuals face greater personal challenges every day.

Not everyone can (or would want to!) do this event. However, everyone can support me doing this incredible challenge (it’s much easier!), and my goal this year is to fundraise as much as I can, to help this great cause!

Please help support my OXC-OHEL Xtreme Challenge Classic run by clicking on the donate button. Your support means a lot to me!

Thank you,
Lewis Wienerkur Visit My Team Page

Recent Donors
Yonoson Hirtz $72.00

Avi Dagan $100.00
So PROUD of you Rabbi! Never stop being you! #AVIDSTRONG

Eli Goldschmiedt $180.00
Good luck Rabbi W!!!

Daniel & Yael Schwechter $100.00
Yay Zeidy!

Anonymous Sponsor $54.00

Scott Sulzberger $100.00
Thank you for all you do

J.Z. Spier $100.00

Lynette Tulkoff $100.00

David Hersh $100.00

Jeffrey Kobrin $54.00

Shana Pollack $100.00
Rabbi you got this!!!!!!! In memory of Esther Bat Shlomo

Daniel & Yael, Sima Raizy Ella & Dovid Schwechter $100.00
We are so proud! We hope you finish the race in less time than it took us to sponsor it! Can’t wait for next year with Sima!!

Anonymous Sponsor $392.70
Thank You, Guess who?

Akiva And Yael Willig $100.00
Go Go Rabbi Lew!!

Eliyahu And Adina Wolf And Family $500.00
Dear Rabbi Wienerkur, We are thrilled to support you and this wonderful cause, good luck!! We are rooting for you!

Yitzi Riselsheimer $25.00

Alan Steinmetz $360.00
Proud of you!

Donna & Leon Schwechter $180.00
For our dear Machutan Lewis - keep up the great work! We love you!

Tamar Sicklick $100.00
How can I not help keep you in the lead? Yasher Koach in all your efforts on behalf of OHEL. What you have done these past few years is truly remarkable! Tamar & Andrew

Adam Dachs $180.00

Barbara Simon $180.00

Daniel Zanger $180.00
Bhatzlacha from the entire ZANGER FAMILY (better you than me)

Akiva Wienerkur $100.00
Good luck Zaidy, we love you. We want to do the race with you next time! Love, Ella, Adira, Noam & Yosef

Anonymous Sponsor $400.00

Kayla Wienerkur $100.00
Third year in a row....does this mean I'm the favorite now? Anyways...love you dad!!! Good luck mwah xoxox

Anonymous Sponsor $500.00
From Rafi

David Simon $100.00

George Meyer $180.00

Nathan Krasnovsky $100.00
Good luck! From the Kraz fam

Arlene Flohr $100.00

George Blumenthal $500.00

David And Shira Perl $180.00

Anonymous Sponsor $400.00

Debby Rosenfeld $72.00
You and Melissa are an inspiration!!

Etan Schnall $100.00

Josh & Elisheva Weinberg $180.00
In honor of our holy teacher and accountant

Karen Bayer $150.00
From Abe and Chana

Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Hatzlacha! Sarah and Leo

Elisha Graff $180.00
In honor of Reb Lewis, who only engages in mudslinging on the Ohel OXC course. Go Rabbi LSW

Sruli And Chaya Zwick $100.00

Mordechai And Faygie Willig $120.00
Go Rabbi Lew!!

Sori Teitelbaum $50.00

Jeremy Joszef $180.00

Peshi And Yaakov Neuburger $180.00
amazing . yeyasyer kochacho

Stephen Richter $100.00

Eliot And Barrie Peyser $500.00

Anonymous Sponsor $180.00

Adam Epstein $54.00

Anonymous Sponsor $18.00

Merrill Berman $500.00

Joshua Wyner $54.00

Yaron Kornblum $100.00
Kol Hakavod!!

Alan And Mindy Peyser $500.00

Howard Wienerkur $250.00
In honor of my son, Rabbi Lewis Wienerkur

David & Simi Greenbaum $180.00

Anonymous Sponsor $36.00

Stanley Fortgang $180.00

Victor Rosenberg $250.00
We're expecting you to come in first place!! Ruchie and Victor Rosenberg and Family

Mina Black $100.00
Good luck

Anonymous Sponsor $100.00

Stephen Wagner $180.00
In honor of Lewis Wienerkur and with the hope that he survives to brag about it for the next year.

Randi Luxenberg $500.00
You're too skinny! Go get 'em!

Ian Boczko $1,000.00

Michael Adler $250.00