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Rachelle Rosenberg


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Marathons, triathlons, biking events, have nothing on what I am doing on Sunday, May 21, 2017. I will run, climb, jump, crawl and muscle my way through the OHEL Xtreme Challenge 5 mile obstacle course at Camp Kaylie. I will be challenging my body & testing my limits in support of children and adults with disabilities, foster children, and children in our 3 domestic violence shelters, and the elderly. These individuals face greater personal challenges every day.

Not everyone can (or would want to!) do this event. However, everyone can support me doing this incredible challenge (it's much easier!), and my goal this year is to fundraise as much as I can, to help this great cause!

Please help support my OXC-OHEL Xtreme Challenge by clicking on the donate button. Your support means a lot to me!

Thank you,
Rachelle Rosenberg

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Anonymous Sponsor $250.00

Suzi And Ruby Bollag $250.00
So proud of you!! Show 'em how it's done! Suzi and Ruby

Dan Arev $260.00
Rachelle lots of luck!

RUth PErl $100.00
Go for Rachelle! U can do it!!!

Ahuva Ralbag $360.00

Mendy And Simy Zelmanovitz $180.00

Fink & Zelmanovitz PC $200.00

David Fleischmann $750.00

Moshie Horn $180.00
forever indebted

Jeremy Kirschner $180.00

Aaron Orlofsky $5,000.00
in memory of my dear grandmother stella orlofsky. Rachelle make it happen! ajo

Avi And Pessi Goldstein $180.00