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This past year I ran in a Spartan 14-mile Beast. It was without question one of the most physically and mentally challenging experiences I have ever participated in. About halfway through the course, my legs were already cramped up and I was literally sliding down the side of a mountain on my backside. There were hundreds of others participating in the race, some going slower but most going faster than me. I considered giving up and just walking off the course at the next opportunity. As I trudged over a ridge in the mountain, I came across a sight that changed my entire day and really, much more than that.

I noticed a team of people, all wearing matching shirts (I’m assuming they were a team, otherwise it was a huge coincidence.) This team was surrounding one participant, as I got closer, I could see that this Spartan challenger had Cerebral Palsy and was unable to use his legs. He was dragging himself using only his upper body to go down the mountainside. One of his teammates was holding his wheelchair to the side, as it was too steep to roll down, others were cheering him on. The determination on his face was clear, he set a goal and he was going to reach it.

After witnessing this moment, who was I to complain? Here was an individual that must go through countless challenges daily, he made a decision to rise up and overcome not only his daily struggles but  willingly sign up for one of the toughest courses in the country. I paused for a moment and looked out over the beautiful Vermont scenery that spread out before me. I told myself that I’m going to finish the course, not just for me, but for that Spartan that was quite literally dragging himself over each and every obstacle.

I regret one thing from that day, I did not stop to speak to him, to find out his name, I did cheer him on briefly as I passed by, but alas, my brain was focusing more on surviving then communicating.

For the past 4 years, I have participated in OXC, I have once again signed up for year #5. I have worked with and witnessed many of the individuals that receive services from OHEL. They face and overcome extremely difficult challenges every single day. Perhaps for one day, for just a few hours, we can step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to show support for all the good that OHEL provides.

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