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Dear family and friends,

             On Sunday, May 19, 2019. I will run, climb, jump, crawl and muscle my way through the OHEL Xtreme Challenge Classic 5- or 1.5-mile obstacle course at Camp Kaylie. I will be challenging my body & testing my limits in support of children and adults with disabilities, foster children, children in OHEL's 3 domestic violence shelters, and the elderly. These individuals face greater personal challenges every day. Please help me reach my goal this year to fundraise as much as I can, to help this great cause!

Please help support my OXC-OHEL Xtreme Challenge Classic run by clicking on the donate button. Your support means a lot to me!

Thank you,
Atara Grossberger

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Chaim Wielgus $54.00

Schner Grossberger $100.00
See you at the finish line bubby g

Rachel Cynamon $36.00

Batsheva Stanieski $25.00
Good Luck Atara

Shalom Rand $18.00
Go atara go

You go girl!!!!

Avi Dreyfuss $100.00
Good luck Atara! - The Dreyfuss Family

Rikki Weinberger $25.00

Reva Kiss $18.00
Good luck Atara!!

Rebecca Safier $50.00
Good luck atara

Elliot Lieber $36.00
I hope you win the race. From Shira Lieber

Aunt Rochel Grossberger $25.00
Go Atara Go!

Ruslan Ilishayev $100.00
In the honor of Levy & Milka Ilishayev

Jason Lieber $50.00
Have a great race

Marvin Strauss $36.00
Atara, good luck. The Strauss family

Dovid Eisenberger $18.00

Schner Grossberger $100.00

Alfred Fisher $36.00

Chaim Lieber $50.00
You are awesome Atara!